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What Does “Increasing the Block Size” Mean?

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion in the Bitcoin world about “increasing the block size.”  Here we break down this idea and take a look at effects of increasing the block size. Unable to agree on a path forward thus far, the conversation is getting more serious, with talks of a hard fork of Bitcoin. The topic is important for the future of Bitcoin, but unless you have an in-depth understanding of how Bitcoin…
Values in Action
Making a (Mission) Statement

Making a (Mission) Statement

Lessons about creativity, taking risks and trusting process while crafting a mission statement for Clef. Last week, when Brennen called us into our tiny orange conference room and asked us to rapid fire ideas about what we thought the Clef mission statement should consist of, he was met with curious looks and crickets for about 30 seconds. The silence struck me as slightly amusing. As members of a small team working on an early stage start-up,…
Bitcoin Jargon

What is a Decentralized Currency?

For anyone learning about Bitcoin, it’s almost impossible not to hear about decentralization, one of the most groundbreaking features of the new currency. But while the word decentralized can be used in a lot of different contexts, it’s not obvious what it means for the world to have a decentralized currency. Let’s take a look at what a decentralized currency is as compared to a centralized currency. A lot of explanations note that decentralized currency…
Developer Community

Join Our Engineering Team for Office Hours Every Friday

Today we’re announcing open office hours for the Clef developer community. We are very excited to connect with you all and answer any questions you have about using or integrating with Clef. We’d also just like to get to know you better, so popping in just to say ‘hello’ is definitely something we’d encourage you to do. We’re kicking off Office Hours™ and doing a live Q&A with our engineering team this Friday, June 12th from 10:00am-12:00pm (PST).…
Values in Action

Values in Action: Better Today Than Yesterday

At Clef, many of our individual behaviors in the office, as well as business decisions, are heavily influenced by our company values. Establishing guiding ideas, committing to them, and creating as many touch points as possible for each individual on the team is an ongoing goal for the company. It has had a sort of trickle down effect which has influenced every member of the team and expanded their perspective, not just at work, but…
Clef Announcement, Hiring
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Welcoming Julie to the Clef team!

When I started trying to hire a designer for Clef, everyone told me that it would take months. They also told me that when I met the right person it would just feel right. Four months in to the process, when Julie first hung out in our office, I had that feeling. Today, I’m so excited to welcome her to the Clef team as our Head of Design! At Clef, we’re solving one of the hardest design…