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BTCPop integrates Clef

Now you can use Clef on BTCPop!

BTCPop has upgraded customer account security by integrating Clef. Now, you can borrow or lend money completely in the bitcoin domain. BTCPop is a peer-to-peer bitcoin lending service, based out of England. It offers loans to qualified borrowers and investment pools for lenders to earn a profit on the loans given out by the site. David Marc of Bitreview says, BTCPop “boasts 20 different linked-currency loans. A linked loan maintains the value in the underlying…

Say Hello to A2 Hosting, the latest member of Safer Hosts

 in WordPress
I’m super excited to announce the latest member of the Clef Safer Hosts program: A2 Hosting. As a member of Safer Hosts, they’ll be preinstalling Clef by default on every new WordPress site they setup — keeping their users safe from the start with secure, beautiful two-factor authentication. Frontline on security Consistently ranked in the top 10 for hosts, A2 has been providing fast and secure hosting since 2003. Each account powered by A2 comes with…
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NairaEx has integrated Clef

NairaEx has integrated Clef!

NairaEx has upgraded customer account security by integrating Clef. Now you can buy and sell Bitcoin using Naira via bank transfer in a completely secure environment. Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the number of virtual currency exchange platforms offering exchange services in local currencies as well as foreign currency transactions. This growth allows more people to utilize the benefits of trading and buying in cryptocurrencies while circumventing high fees and long waits for…
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Coinpayments integrates clef

Now you can log in with Clef on CoinPayments!

CoinPayments has upgraded customer account security by integrating Clef. Now if you’re an online merchant you can accept crypto reliably, securely, and easily. CoinPayments is a plug-in tool that allows merchants to accept payment in over 55 different cryptocurrencies. They provide an easy to integrate checkout system for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin with low fees. The API is designed to be simple and provides a polled interface or Instant Payment Notification (IPN). Right now,…
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satoshi tango has integrated clef

Now you can use Clef to log in to SatoshiTango!

SatoshiTango has upgraded their customer account security by integrating Clef for log in! SatoshiTango has integrated Clef making customer’s account management easier and more secure. Matias Bari, CEO of SatoshiTango describes his company as a Bitcoin multi-service platform. The Argentina-based company delivers Bitcoin to customers by selling prepaid cards in local currencies that can be redeemed online on their website. SatoshiTango also buys Bitcoin and deposits Argentine pesos to the recipient’s bank account, or in some cases,…
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Augur Crowdsale

Future Casting: The Augur Crowdsale, Protected by Clef

On Monday, you’ll be able to buy Augur tokens, called REP, to own a piece of the decentralized prediction market that the Augur team has built on top of Ethereum. The website for the sale,, is live now and you can use Clef to create an account and log in today before the sale starts. Augur is a prediction market where you can place a bet on the outcome of real-world events like political elections…