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Augur Crowdsale

Future Casting: The Augur Crowdsale, Protected by Clef

On Monday, you’ll be able to buy Augur tokens, called REP, to own a piece of the decentralized prediction market that the Augur team has built on top of Ethereum. The website for the sale,, is live now and you can use Clef to create an account and log in today before the sale starts. Augur is a prediction market where you can place a bet on the outcome of real-world events like political elections…
future of security

Fear and Loathing In Online Security

I’m going to be on a panel about the future of mobile and web security at Keynote 2015. We’re going to talk about how we think about identity, authentication, and how we can make folks feel safer online. Security folks love to remind everyone that really important stuff  happens online, and so digital security is more important than ever. At this point, we all know how important the Internet is, so we know what’s at stake…
log in with Clef on Paxful

Now you can log in with Clef on Paxful!!

Paxful, a direct peer to peer bitcoin marketplace, has integrated Clef. Now, you can log in to Paxful and register for new accounts using Clef!  ( ◜◡‾)(‾◡◝ ) Ray Youseff, CEO of Paxful, believes that bitcoin is on the cusp of entering into mainstream commerce and he is excited about it. No doubt some of that excitement is due to the role Paxful, a direct peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of bitcoin, could play…
Spells of Genesis

Introducing the Clef Playing Card in Spells of Genesis

Clef has been featured as the Warden of Wonders card in the new game Spells of Genesis by the Swiss company Everdreamsoft. Spells of Genesis is a new mobile game that combines aspects of classic collector card games, like Magic The Gathering, and features an in-game economy based on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Spells of Genesis is the first trading card game which integrates bitcoin in both its game economy and its storyline. Spells of Genesis is…
Developer Community
Clef gradient BG

Building a better developer experience with React

Last week, we shipped something I’m super proud of: an auto-magically updating checklist that guides you through putting Clef on your website from start to finish. By using React to handle state changes and rendering, we cut down on our development time and shipped the new checklist in a few days instead of weeks. Why React? We use React extensively for the UI users see when they log in to websites — it seemed like…
Building trust on the blockchain

An adapted version of the talk I gave on July 11 at Inside Bitcoins: Chicago. You can find the full slides for that talk at The most critical problem facing the Bitcoin community is finding a way to build trust on the blockchain. This may be counter-intuitive for technical folks, because to a computer the blockchain is “trustless”. But if we want non-technical folks to use Bitcoin, then first we need to earn their…