Welcome Waltz — Use Clef on Gmail, Facebook, and everywhere else

Our goal at Clef is to get rid of passwords everywhere, and today marks a huge step towards that goal. Today there’s a new way to use Clef that makes it work for all of your favorite sites immediately. It’s called Waltz, and it’s a browser extension that’s available today for Google Chrome users here (www.getwaltz.com). Waltz is completely free and open source.

You can read the New York Times article about Waltz here.

I wish that I could take credit for building Waltz, but the acknowledgement all belongs to an amazing group of developers that have been using Clef for the past few months and were impatient to use it everywhere. You can see a post from Joe Wegner, the lead of the project, on the Waltz blog here. Waltz is something that we have wanted to exist for a long time, but didn’t have the development cycles to build ourselves. Working with our community to help them build and open source Waltz has been an amazing pleasure.

Using Waltz is as easy as using Clef, but now you can do it on Facebook, Gmail, and many of the other services that have not yet adopted Clef logins.

Since Clef launched less than 6 months ago, it has been installed on over 2000 sites and usage has grown by more than 70% each month. This has been helped along greatly by the press coverage we have received in The New York Times, The Economist, BBC, Inc., and many other important publications.

Even with such fast growth, our users have been asking us for much, much more. I think Waltz is the next step in delivering on that desire. This moves us way ahead on our path towards replacing passwords completely.

Today, the best thing you can do to help out is install Waltz at getwaltz.com, send us your feedback (feedback@getwaltz.com), and share Waltz with your friends. We think you’ll love it.

Read the New York Times article about Waltz here.

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